Thursday, 8 April 2010

‘Firsts’ since we’ve been in Canada…

  1. Otters
  2. Bald Eagle (watching the otters)
  3. Chipmunk
  4. Rambo film set
  5. Car auction
  6. Plymouth Voyager!
  7. 1000 miles in Jezza
  8. Nearly running outta gas
  9. Ferry
  10. Canadian coastal storm
  11. Power-cut
  12. Ice hockey match
  13. Canadian Trivial Pursuit (virtually impossible for the group of british, aussie and kiwi teams playing… and even some canadians)
  14. Whale!
  15. Greyhound Bus
  16. Natural hot-springs
  17. Eggs Benny on a Bench
  18. Cougar / wolf / big dog (he disappeared too quickly)
  19. Grebes
  20. Beard (Tim)
  21. Snowboarding on the same slope as Shaun White
  22. Rainforest
  23. Motel
  24. Youth Hostel
  25. TimBits :o)
  26. Snow-shoeing
  27. Breakfast pasty
  28. Topiary peacock


  1. What a lovely list........where to next my lovelies? x

  2. Fab list! Im now all caught up on your travels you two, pea green with envy. Are you in Vancouver yet? Looking forward to the next installment, keep em coming. Big loves, Nicole xxxx

  3. so many firsts and you're only in canada!! imagine what else you'll see before you get back! :) can you get a canadian mountie on the list before you leave?... xxx