Saturday, 1 January 2011

Counting the Cost of America

So, having had time to crunch the numbers, here's the breakdown of how much it cost to stay in North America for 90 days (just in case you're thinking of going there).  All values are GBP converted at the time of purchase.

So, Canada was nearly twice as expensive to stay than USA. We were in Canada for one month longer but were HelpXing for two months. Snowboarding in Canada is an expensive pasttime!

 'Food' includes all general stuff which might come from a supermarket... and I think we missed a few laundry visits - i don't think we smelled that bad.



  1. I am also planning for it was really shocking news..

  2. I see you haven't lost the technique for doing charts! Still the parts when you did some work in exchange for food & lodging must have helped and also allowed you to make friends and not just acquaintances. Have you seen the flooding in Queensland? Apparently covering an area as big as France & Germany combined. Buy snorkles before you go! :))

  3. Tim at is best and happiest, crunching the numbers in excel! :o)