Monday, 23 May 2011

Counting the Cost of South America

These were the total costs for both of us in British Pounds (the best sort) and our time there included nearly three weeks HelpXing where we spent virtually nothing (beer was free - thanks Linda!). Around 14GBP per person per day.

South America turned out to be around half as expensive as North America and a quarter that of Canada (but the snowboarding wasn't as good!). 

Travel was relatively cheap (actually everything was relatively cheap), but there was alot of it.  South America is a BIG place.

We never starved and ate out most nights (either due to lack of facilities or not trusting the facilities) and it was so cheap anyway, though I did continue to lose weight during this leg of the trip (never had a food related illness though).

We had quite a few 'one-off' expenses, such as hiring snorkelling equipment in the Galapagos Islands (main costs pre-paid), couriering things back to the UK, death road mountain biking, sandboarding, horse riding etc, etc.
Argentina was relatively way more expensive than the previous countries and Chile was similarly expensive (but they are both more developed and have things that you actually want to spend money on!).

The following is a breakdown of the above graph.  Places are in reverse order (ie, Santiago is at the top, but it was the last place we visited).

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  1. Tim's at his happiest with a spread sheet. i love the geek :)