Wednesday, 3 February 2010

3 more sleeps.......

So today was banks, Nerys viewing and more packing. We went and chatted to the banks today to tell them of our soon to be departute and not to stop our cards while we're on our travels, thank you very much. Then onto see lovely Nerys, who is laughing in the face of breast cancer, as it were, well what else can you do?An absolutely delightful afternoon of coffee, cakes an a good old laugh :), (thanks to the MOW for the cakes) I look forward to the which wig images she promised to share. She also told us to get our arses into gear go pack and blog, so as promised here we are, now how does such as a small flat hold so much stuff?

Right the night is still young and there are more boxes that need to be filled..........


  1. Go White-Marshes! I had no idea you STILL had that much to do!!!! It was so lovely to see you both and have tea and cookies. You're now going to have to update this often so I can laugh at the misspellings. Ha ha!
    Now get on with it......passport, pants, suncream LOVE YOU BOTH xxxxxx

  2. The room looked quite similar to that on Saturday morning!
    We hope you are both starting to relax now. We love you. Mum & Dad x x x x
    PS. Wales lost to England in the Rugby but Dad White enjoyed watching it on the wide screen TV. so you each can be happy and sad at the same time.