Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ruislip to Canada, eh

So, where's all the updates?!

Ok - here's the deal: we haven't managed to get a netbook yet and whilst this iTouch is all cool and trendy it does not lend itself to multimedia presentations! So until said laptop is purchased we're keeping things brief and without photos!! Hope to find a shop which sells more than souvenir t-shirts and keyrings (basically anything faintly Olympic) soon so we can do this properly!

Leaving ruislip: crazy, last minute, manic, emotional. I didn't think it was possible for such a small flat to hold so much stuff! But after throwing out forty bags of 'rubbish' (tim's stuff) and storing all the valuable remains (katys stuff) we now have a flat that you could swing a cat in (so long as he doesn't mind some bruising on his extremities). The feat was only acheived with the help of key family members (who are also storing yet more stuff)... You know who you are. Oh, and the hitherto thoroughly reliable Peugeot chose the day before we left to detach it's exhaust from the rest of the car... Katy thought it sounded like a lambourghini - I'm not so sure.

I will skim over the goodbyes at the airport for fear of welling up again (katy, not me you understand). A nine hour flight and two hour transfer later and we we're in Banff. We started off in our own private room which was pretty much like a hotel room but we figured that wasn't in-keeping with our adventure so we have fully embraced a multiple occupancy dorm... Not as bad as it might sound... Time will tell.

Been boarding for a couple of days but no powder like the last time we were here so thinking of heading to kicking horse or fernie next week.

Ok, I can't face any more typing on this playskool keyboard so this is me signing off for now. Miss you all... A little... Somtimes :-)

t & k


  1. As I said on FB - beats the M25 any day. x x

  2. If this IS the Tim & Katy Marsh on HelperX - and IF you may be wanting a farm stay with a couple in the Cowichan Valley, get in touch via phone 250-748-6804 or email: benoitchabot@shaw.ca