Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


Today is Valentine's day and as I let my very tired husband catch 40winks i've been allowed to grab Tosh and tell what we've been up to before we head into town for a slap up (cheap) meal.

So what's happened since we last chatted, well incase you're not aware it's the winter olympics over here and the Canadians LOVE it, as do we which is good :) We watched the opening ceremony with random cheers from different nationalities here in the hostel.....GB had quite a big one as did the Aussies and Kiwi's, honestly they're everywhere!

We've been very active since we arrived so much to do, Timmy doesn't know what's hits his poor body, it's been constant activity since we landed (apparently it's like being married to the duracel bunny!), and tomorrow where off hiking up "tunnel mountain". He's loving it really. The boarding has been great sunshine and lake louise still have enough snow there area few patches that catch you out, although today at Sunshine was a "family weekend" which translated is a bloody busy mountain and busy eating areas, but everyone be very polite, which was nice :) with far too many children for my liking, especially as they are all great at ski-ing and boarding so no hardly no paniful wipe outs to be seen :)

So yesterday we had a lovely skype chat with the white juniors and white seniors all very funny, although the juniors did sound like they we're on an old bbc radio broadcast at's the time delay i think, and me getting used to the PC after all i'm a MAC through and through. If anyones randomly up in the middle of the night and fancy a chat please feel free to ping an email and hook up with us online ;)

I had a great run, big birds again but also a herd of Elk which was lovely :) We then headed into town with our package lunch for a wander, and thought we would walk, laong the river where went last time we were here only to find it completely frozen over with an ice hockey pitch in the middle and an ice rink round the edegs! Now that was some good viewing, honeslty you can spot the Brit a mile away they are usually on their arses while all the Canadians just skate past, it's in their blood after all. We also saw a lady deer hit a car, yes she hit the car, they just roam in the streets here you see and she was scared by a couple of (stupid) young girls and ran away right in to the side of the car, rolled over the bonet and carried on running into the woods, (poor thing) the car luckily was made a mostly plastic and Tim assures me will just pop back out, thankfully it wasn't one of the many HUGE trucks most people drive around here. So that was a nice end to the day.

We're going to be moving on from Banff on Thursday (like the littlest hobo) heading to Nelson down south a bit where the snows been falling. On our first long bus journey think it's about 14 hours!

Right time to wake a sleeping Tim my tummies rumbling,

big loves, catch up soon.

K & T xx

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  1. Had a look on GoogleMaps. Says there that it should only take 8hrs. Depends on what sort of transport you'll be using. Maybe you're boarding all the way!