Saturday, 27 February 2010

so that was Fernie.......

hello again,
Sorry I know it's been a while so you get a double hit of the travelling marshs for your pleasure, so Fernie was lovely, beautiful town, really nice people in the hostel and with Tim's snoring and coughing we got to our have own room for the last couple of nights. On the Tim health check he's still not tip top, we didn't do any more boarding in Fernie, just the 2 days as the snow wasn't great and neither was my husband and it seems a waste of money to go out on bad snow when can save our dimes for where the snow is good, so i ran and ran and ran along the Elk river, on the last day it snowed in the town, which was nice but slippy! We did go for a walk,, (check out the the pic, lovely viewing quite literally breath taking!) but it was a quiet one as when ever Tim tried to talk he started coughing, in the long run walking on a chilly day even when you're wrapped up doesn't help the chest!!

Now Tim & I have made our first school boy error by missing our 3am greyhound bus out of Fernie, you see, and I know this going to sound stupid but as we're not working we kind of lost track of days..and well what with Tim spending most of the time in bed and me running like a loon we seem to of lost Wednesday!!! So $15 later to reschedule the greyhound tickets and another $30 for a bed at the hostel we got on the 3am bus heading to Nelson on Thursday morning.

Thought I would just add an image of our curtains from the hostel, now Nerys I know you'll love them, but I wasn't sure if they were quirky or scary....either way they did the job of a curtain so that's all that matters really :)


  1. You LOST a day? Did you find it? Was it in the rucksack?
    I love love love the curtains. You maybe could have cut a swatch for me. Next time ok?
    Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. i knew you would love time i promise i'll try and get you a sample but quite frnakly these were barely big enough to cover the window so a small section would of been missed! love you x

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