Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The long walk......

So valentine's was nice, we went out to Earls one of our favourite places when we were in Banff before, Tim got free pint from the waiter (Frank) who took pitty on us with our dime watching, he knows it's not easy to live cheap in Banff. So a very happy valentine's for Tim :) and I had chicken so everyone had a good evening.

We've only had a couple more days on the mountians and it's not great so we have booked our next port of calls, we're off to Ferni at 3.30am Thursday morning for a 9 hour greyhound coach journey, which will be nice! then after 6 days there we're heading to Nelson a laid back hippy town, so hopefully less "youth" and more snow *******for 7 days then we'll see where next.

Tim's ill, i fear i may of broken him, he thinks it was because he was smug about not getting ill on the plane...either way i have snotty, sleepy husband :( so today i went for a walk, a long walk as it turned out. I left Tim at 10am and didn't get back until about 4.30pm, he was going to give me another 30mins before he called the park rangers! I did walk for miles or kilometres if you will. I did the Marsh Loop, The Sundance Canyon & Cave & Basin, got lost in the woods for a while but ended up at the Banff hot springs for a dip in a very hot pool, some great people watching oppurtunities to be had. I didn't come across too much wildlife on my walk or hike lets call it, apart from a squirel, but i did feel i was being watched from the trees, luckily i came back unharmed or gnawed!
That's all folks for the time being, i've put all the pics up on facebook if you want to view the album so far :)
big loves K&T xx


  1. Love all the photos on FB. Hope the journey is going/went well. Its snowing here at the moment - we'll have to get the boards out ... ironing boards that is! Love Mum&Dad x x

  2. that sounds like a lovely walk :) do you think they'll have a marsh loop everywhere you go? wish we could be there with you :) keep blogging! miss you loaaaaaaads x x x x

  3. Pleased you found the 'loop' I made earlier. Dad x