Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hello Nelson

So after remembering to get on the greyhound we made it to Nelson, this time we didn't miss a day but gained an hour somewhere between here to there we went back in time, (very Michael J Fox!) so we are now 8 hours behind all you in good old Blighty :)

Tim health check:- still not great, today when he breathes he sounds like a perculator or an accordion, he's snoring peacefully as i type this to all you lovely people. When we first got here we went for breakfast I had a carrot, raisin & bran muffin and Tim had what can only be described as a breakfast pasty (Mrs white junior you would of loved it) so everyone was happy :)

We did try boarding yesterday but Tim only lasted one run then had to go inside, (poor thing) so i went playing by myself in the snowy fir trees, a lot of giggling from me as i had to fight my way out of a few big snow holes i managed to end up in but as an added bonus i did come away with a the beautiful smell of fresh pine, very much like a Nissan sunny taxi cab. The snow here is great, there was even some powder that hadn't been tracked, the mountain is about a 20min bus ride from the hostel, there is no snow in Nelson town but we do have a lake (not frozen) a harbour and a beach!!! Not sure we'll be donning the swimmers just yet but it's there as an option.

We met a really nice couple here Craig & Ashley, they are from Ontario, just engaged :) we're going to watch the hockey final with them tomorrow, it starts at 12pm and then it's the closing ceremony of the Olympics so hopefully stay around to watch that too. I don't have my foam finger anymore I'll just have to shout at the TV like a local perhaps. So no boarding tomorrow not until Tim's better and as luck would have I seem to have developed a cough & snotty nose...........I'm not happy, that means no running for me, did i mention the lake and the beach!

So Nelson, well what can i tell you, it is literally full of hippies I've never seen so much tie dye and dreadlocks and ill fitting "comfy" clothes in one place. Tim is fitting in a treat with his beard, it truly is a beauty now. Oh and the twin room where we we're going to push the beds together, just for your information a twin is just another way of saying one set a bunk beds. But we do have our own sink in our room, all the mod cons here don't you know.

I think this is our favourite hostel it feels more like a lovely quaint hotel or B&B without the &B. The Dancing Bear is a Heritage building which is really nice. You have to take your shoes off when you come in as all the floors are lovely and wooden, and the kitchen has a huge gas hob and kettles that whistle :) The people here I would say are chilled and more our age group, no youth club activities for us thank god, there is an old lady here, who bless her does look like a witch, who has lived in hostels all her life and she's not happy as a large group are turning up next week and she has to go else where, i fear she may cast a spell or something!

The town is great everything you want from a harbour, an airport, yoga centres to Buddhist temples, fish market, organic co-op, lovely coffee shops and a walmart! Tim was very excited as you could buy everything from a toothbrush to a snow plough to attach to the front of your BIG truck!!! There are only 2 directions in Nelson, the taxi driver told us when we arrived, up hill or down hill. As you can imagine the walking is quite taxing when the pair of you are feeling pathetic!!!!
There are so great hiking trails round here so hopefully we'll get out and see some of them. I see there's also a lakeside labyrinth!, not sure what that is so we may have to take a look.

We're moving on from here on Thursday so last night is Wednesday....(lets make sure we don't get that wrong again). We think we'll be going to Big White which is near Kelowna, so another greyhound journey for the travelling marshs.

Right Tim's still snoring at me and I'm in need a hot lemon as I'm getting through the fisherman's friends at a rate of knots, so I shall bid you all a farewell, sending you lashings of loves from a sickly K&T xxx


  1. oh lovely travellers. Up your Vit C intake and take garlic capsules. Dr Cheese says so!
    New Hostel sounds great as does the hippy town. Take care my beauties and stay healthy (nobody likes a poorly Katy).
    Lots of love Mrs Cheese xxxxx
    ps I need your Canadian votes today so I can win the Dorset Cereal blogging egg cup.......xx

  2. Sounds like plenty of Whisky,hot lemon and honey needed!!! Love to both

  3. I think you should go explore the labyrinth and see if you can catch a glimpse of david bowie in tights!! ;) xxx

  4. LOVING the idea of a breakfast pasty!! save me one :) hoping your colds have been magic'd away by the nice witch! keep taking the orange juice and garlic says dr. wenaden!

    lots love mrs white (junior) xxxx