Wednesday, 10 February 2010

we've got us a tosh!

hello all

we'll as you can see we're netbooked up with Tosh our friendly Toshiba :) he's going to make keeping up with us a lot quicker and easier, that is until he get stollen! (that ones for you Nerys).

so what have we been up to? well we left old Blighty, Tim's filled you in on that one, we have pics now for you to view. So Canada, we'll what can i say? people are lovely, hostel is lovely, snow could be better ******* like the littlest hobo we'll be moving on to the snow soon.

We've boarded for 2 days so far, lake louise yesterday which was fab and sunshine on monday (a great way to spend a monday) was good but not as good as last time, oh last time fluffy pow!!! anyway today was a rest day so we went on a hike down the Hoodoo trail, lovely walking along the frozen river, i went out into the middle scaring Tim as no elses footprints had gone that far :) it was off boarding again tomorrow to try and find some snow, the patchy ice is no fun on the baords, thank Dakine for impact shorts.

Our dorm sharing is great!! I'm in the pent house, at it were and Tim's in the basement flat. We'renot the oldest people here but we are in minority, there's a snowboard school of 75 "kids" here so that's nice! it's keeping us young and down with the kids, Tim's even thinking in joining in and shaving all his hair off, it's what they do!!!!

So far on the wilderness hand book we can tick off an Elk and a Coyote. Bear are sleeping until end of March so ssshhhh!!

I went for a great run the other day making packing my running kit a justifiaction and my gps watch it was great if a little lonely just me treesand very big birds, like crows but more like a small aircraft...honestly they are huge!

Right time to add some pictures for your pleasure and say a farewell from me and him :)


  1. Yey! glad you're having a swell time. Looks like you've taken up a new hobby too. Loving the ice sculpture. How long did that take you?
    So pleased you've been for a little jog, you must be very pleased with yourself. Mind those nasty bird's claws!
    Keep the piccies coming.
    Enjoy! Lots of cheesie love xxxxxxx

  2. Mondays were made for going to work. I can't believe that neither of you are missing it! Looks like you're having a cracking time. Lotsa love, Mum&Dad xxxx ¦¬))

  3. glad you're enjoying not working on mondays...or tuesdays...or anydays!... good to have tosh on board - glad he's going to keep us updated! looking forward to hearing about it all :) lots love the whites xxx

  4. Hello Traveling Marshes,

    off to a very good start, well even if there is a lack of the fluffy stuff beats working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday..... well any day really. Glad all going well and look forward to following you rounds. It's like being there with you :) Take care and look forward to the next update. Em xxx

  5. Hi Tim & Katy,
    Great to be able to follow you without having to fly!! Seems you are having a ball. Keep on doing the same and have a wonderful time. We look forward to your blog.

  6. Sounds and looks fantastic shame about the lack of powder but you are not allowed to complain! We are looking out for you on the BBC Olympic reports please, please try and get behind claire balding and give us a wave or preferably a moon walk? Lots of love the hutches x